“My style for Maternity Photography is fashionable, glamorous and classic. I don’t use any artificial lighting to blind you out or make you certain during your session. I try to design a classic portrait – the kind of timeless pregnancy photography that would make your grand -children proud.”
Why choose Pinky Studio for maternity photography?

Capture the beauty of your pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot in Zirakpur that you will never forget. We prefer to do maternity photography at our studio, allowing her to put forth her experience as a maternity photographer to produce photos that are truly artistic and chic. There are visible benefits to have your pictures taken by a professional maternity photographer in Zirakpur of Pinky Studio. It’s a time that should be cherished forever, and you should choose the perfect maternity photographer to make it possible. One of the most memorable and precious time in the life of a couple or a family is when a new addition is expected into their life. Our professionals says that to capture this on a still frame photo is a great experience. Though a woman may not feel like but it’s true that she is at her most beautiful while she is bearing a child. It changes something in her – a glow is visible on her skin and she looks so alive. It’s a magical time that should be captured with the help of We, offer the best photography service in Zirakpur area. It’s natural that you want the best for your child from the moment of their life. Pinky Studio does some breathtaking maternity photography in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. These memories can be cherished forever with perfect maternity photography. We captures a woman as her truest self, with a touch of chic-ness and glamour. In our Studio’s opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than the woman’s silhouette, except a woman's silhouette during her pregnancy. An experienced pregnancy photographer knows how to capture the beauty of a pregnancy to create timeless maternity portraits.

Why should I get a maternity photoshoot done?

The artistic pregnancy photo shoot done by Pinky Studio, a professional maternity photographer in Zirakpur, can transform into a masterpiece that can be become an heirloom for generations. During a maternity photography session, natural lighting helps to bring softness to the glowing body of a pregnant lady. A maternity photographer can make the beauty of the baby-bump truly memorable, and final photographs are always breathtaking. The use of natural light helps her produce the best of Zirakpur maternity photography. The first pregnancy is really important for a lot of women and maternity photography is the perfect way to capture this so that this memory can be preserved for generations to come. Also, most women use the maternity shoot to feel empowered in their lives. The photographic proof that you are so pretty even when you are feeling so bloated and heavy or like a planet, truly makes you respect yourself. This can only be carried out by a maternity photographer who can truly understand women, their bodies and their beauty, and by someone who is herself a mother and has gone through this. Another reason that women may like to have maternity shoot done is to be able to show their children how much they cherished bringing them into this globe. They wish to show that they were loved from the beginning of their existence. And then some women are just in love with their pregnancy and want to record it with maternity photography. And for some it may be their only pregnancy, so they want to treasure this once in a career experience. A maternity photographer and her maternity photography documents this lovely time of life for pregnant women. Zirakpur Maternity Photographer Pinky Studio Photography specialises in the art of maternity photography at our studio. When woven with a personal story, truly great photography can take on a magical life of its own. Photos become vivid memories of life’s most wonderful experiences. Please take the time to capture your family’s important milestones like pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot from the perfect pregnancy photographer in Zirakpur and Chandigarh. In the time to come, these pictures will become windows through which your children and their children will look into the start of their lives.This will remember them of a time they were too young, or even absent, to remember. Whether it’s a professional maternity photo shoot or newborn baby session, it is Pinky Studio’s commitment to each client & herself, to deliver fine art photos that will preserve memories in time that remind us of the most precious moments in life!

Professional Artistic Maternity Photo Shoot / Photography

Simply the best maternity photographer in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula area. Regarded as one of the perfect professional and experienced maternity portrait photographers in the Zirakpur and across India,Pinky Studio designs and photographs some of the most artistic pregnancy photo shoots and beautiful professional boudoir maternity pictures. Our maternity photography sessions are very sought after by pregnant women in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Mohali,and Panchkula. An artistic maternity photography session with Pinky Studio is a wonderful experience that many pregnant women seek. We capture maternity photos at Golf Course Road close to Chandigarh City, Forest hill resort,Chimney heights, Morni Road, Chanson Haveli, Japanese garden and other areas. The cities from which clients visit Pinky Studio Photography for maternity photography are not only Zirakpur, and Chandigarh but also Panchkula, Ambala, Mohali, Rajpura & Patiala. An artistic pregnancy photography session with silhouette maternity specialist photographer Pinky Studio is an amazing experience. It gives the pregnant woman fine art maternity photography & maternity photos that she can share with her family, cousins and her loved ones for years to come. These artistic maternity pictures are timeless, classic, chic and glamorous. The professional maternity photography studio is based in Zirakpur near Chandigarh. We serve pregnant women in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula area.

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