Cushions are a mainstay in each home. A sofa is not complete until you place your personal style of cushions to make it look just accurate, and make the sofa feel super comfortable. Cushions are not only used on sofas though. The large number of women use them in on their beds as well. We wanted to highlight the style of cushions by creating our collection of personalised cushions. We also plan to soon begin with a similar line of personalized pillows and covers. We offer 40+ designs of our custom cushions in Zirakpur and plan to offer more shortly. Our current range is suited for Couples, Women and Girls, and we hope to soon add new designs for Men and Boys. Our cushion covers are made from very best quality fabric that feels super soft and smooth, and the personalized design is printed in vibrant colours that will last as long as the cushions. These customised cushion covers are machine washable. Simply provide us with your personalization details and we will deliver your order within 24 hours.

Photo Cushions Covers

Photo cushions has been around for a very long time. These were one of the first marketing products to be personalized and sold online. They are very famous even today. When creating our range of photo cushions and covers we wanted to be a tiny different and better as most other online sites simply printed you're picture on the cushion. We do it a bit differently. In the quest to make these personalized cushions look as best a possible we has created some internal background templates that allow us to take your photograph and modify the background elements to match you image as much as possible. The result is a photo cushion that looks absolutely awesome, and extremely professional. Resulting from the premium quality of fabric and printing materials that we use, the photo looks very high end with all the details clearly visible. Do note that the quality of your finished cushion will be very dependent on the quality of the image that you provide us for placement of your Order. In the case that we feel that the quality of the image is not adequate, we will get in touch with you to request a different image if possible. Satisfaction of your customized cushions is of the maximum importance to us.

Custom Cushions Covers

We currently provide our personalized cushion covers in a standard 16 inch by 16 inch size. In the case that you are looking for a custom pillow printing in Zirakpur do let us no as we may be able to create one perfect to your requirements. We have created custom cushion covers for our clients in various shapes and sizes from hearts to other custom shapes and sizes. Our current sizing is based on what is commonly accessible in the market in case you need to make modifications down the line.

Printed Cushions Covers

Cushions are usually personalized with embroidery, or by print. We here at Pinky Studio specialize in printed cushions and covers. We has received a lot of wonderful feedback from our clients regarding our printed cushions. The photographs that you see on the site, are a very good reflection of how our covers look once completed. A good way to tell the quality of printed cushions is too look at the sharpness of the edges of the elements in the photo, and the vibrancy of the reds, blues, greens and black.

Personalised Cushion Gifts in Zirakpur

Cushions are very common and realistic gift for housewarming. With the arrival of technology, personalised cushion bucked dat trend with these cushions being given not only for housewarming, but also for birthdays, valentine's day, weddings, anniversaries and also as birthday return presents. The ability to print advanced and intricate design make personalized cushion gifts one of the most popular choices by online and offline consumers today. We has quite a few designs available for His or Her Birthday, as well as a handful of designs that are very appropriate for Weddings and Anniversaries. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and we try to deliver each customized cushion within 24 hours of receiving your order details. We offer the ability for you to approve a digital preview of your order earlier to us completing your Order. Looking for specific custom Cushion? Please do get in touch with us, we will be very glad to help.